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Skuhna’s Jerky was founded by Ron Kuhna – a retired coal miner and former Fishing Charter Boat owner/operator in Wollongong named Skuhna II Charters. Ron’s parents immigrated to Australia from Central Europe in the fabulous fifties. Ron’s father taught him to hunt and fish and to respect their catch, what wasn’t eaten fresh was often cured then smoked or dried. This included both meat and fish.  Ron found that whilst outdoors in remote locations away from any food stores that jerky provided the ultimate protein, low fat snack to sustain him. Sugar hits work for a short time but did not provide the lasting energy required.

For quite a few years Ron has provided his friends and family with his tasty jerky and together with daughter Leah decided to take the next step and share our product nationally.

Over time Ron has developed flavours to suit most palates. From the mild but full flavours of BBQ and Honey Soy to the spicy and hot flavours of the peppers and chilli ranges. Skuhna’s Jerky uses export quality Yearling grass fed Aussie beef in its production to maintain its high standard. No two pieces look the same as the beef is cut by hand using a knife. The product is dried to a very low moisture content so you are getting great value as you’re not paying for excess water.

We are 100% family owned and operated and we are very proud of our high quality product. We hope you enjoy it as much as we do.

Skuhna’s Jerky is proud to be a sponsor of Wollongong Game fishing Club whose tournament runs in September of each year.


2 thoughts on “About us

  1. Hey there, it is great to find you again. I am a friend of Peter Hardings and I used to get large orders sent over the Port Hedland. I heard you now have an on line store so will be be great to get some jerky again over here in Perth. After finding the website and the store, I ordered in heap in about 5 mins. Without a doubt, best jerky in Australia.

    Keep up the good work.

    Mick Clarke.

    1. Oh thank you so much Mick.

      We are so glad you found us and enjoy the product 😉

      Leah Stefanou and Ron Kuhna

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